Lonny Magazine: Q&A Design Vidal

Names: Karen and Guy Vidal

Occupations: Husband-and-wife interior and exterior designers and founding partners of Design Vidal
Reside in: Los Angeles
Best known for: Historically sensitive renovations and an eco-friendly vintage modern aesthetic that nods to the summer of love.

1. Antique or modern?

We love incorporating vintage into our designs; it brings an element that is unique, quirky, and ecologically friendly. We do love modern, but our interpretation isn’t a super contemporary one.

2. City or country?
Depends which one of us you ask. Karen loves cities—the shopping, the museums, the people-watching. But if you ask Guy it’s the country—he’d rather be in a treehouse. We’re a modern day Green Acres.

3. Which colors do you use most?
Orange and turquoise are favorites. Also a washed-out darker blue that feels old world.

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